Monitoring & Audits

HMR has expertise in carrying out specific monitoring and Legal compliance and quality assurance audit campaigns for pre-construction, construction and post construction phases. HMR operates in all sectors and in accordance with a range of international guidelines including ISO, OHSAS and The World Bank. HMR maintains a suite of state of the art environmental monitoring and sampling equipment to conduct field monitoring and auditing activities.

Risk Assessments & QRA

HMR has undertaken Quantitative Risk Assessment studies for oil & gas and petrochemical installations including pipelines, bulk storage and material transport facilities. HMR has expertise and software tools to evaluate the consequence (fire, explosion and toxicity), calculate the impact distances of the consequence and determine the risk levels.

Odour Investigation & Management

HMR has carried out a number of odour investigations, modelling and management studies for various facilities (refineries, STP’s etc.) in the Sultanate.

HMR provides advisory services to mitigate the impact of odorous industrial compounds within plants and surrounding sensitivities.

Fugitive Emissions Management - Leak Detection & Repair

Identification of faulty equipment, routing, leak detection, repair programs and management of data are the main components of a complete Leak Detection and Repair Program (LDAR). HMR carries out LDAR programs according to the EN 15446 and US EPA 21 standards leading to increased compliance and lower emissions.


Urban & Regional Planning

HMR in collaboration with professional associates undertakes a comprehensive range of urban, regional, local and strategic planning studies for various sectors of development. Our extended team includes:
planners   |   architects   |   engineers|
coastal engineers | environmental specialists
GIS experts | socio economic specialists |
Infrastructure & Utility Engineers

Site Investigations & Remediation

HMR is experienced in undertaking site investigations and incident reviews for hydrocarbon contamination, in accordance with recognised international standards. These investigations are used to identify the environmental condition of the site, the extent of contamination and to develop suitable remediation / action plans. HMR also manages the clean-up of contaminated sites and validating sites once the remediation has been completed.

Industrial & Municipal Waste Management

HMR has considerable experience in providing waste management and minimisation solutions to clients and has a network of technology providers to handle different types of wastes. Services provided include:
Site and compliance audits of waste management facilities
Feasibility and planning studies
Technology review and vendor profiles
Suitability studies and concept design
Technical advisory services on recycling and waste minimisation
Waste management and minimisation strategy


Coastal Processes & Management

HMR provides a comprehensive range of services to investigate and define coastal and shoreline processes. HMR undertakes coastal processes modelling to assess the likely impacts of potential developments and to provide appropriate coastal management and marine engineering solutions for clients.

Biodiversity Conservation & Translocation

HMR provides high quality professional consulting services on marine ecological for various habitat types. HMR’s team has undertaken major assignments of ecological surveys and species identification in the region. HMR has assisted major tourism developers, power plants and downstream facilities in trans-locating coral communities. We have also provided marine mammal observer services to oil & gas operators during their 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition survey for sensitive offshore locations in the Arabian Sea.

Hydrogeology & Water Resources

HMR has specialist capabilities to provide a range of hydrogeological and water resource management services. In addition HMR has conducted master plan studies to identify well field protection zones and groundwater pollution prevention for the Government of Oman. Our services include water quality and resource assessments, groundwater modeling, contamination studies, watershed management studies, artificial recharge studies and impact assessment of salt water intrusion (due to long term abstraction for desalination plants through beach-wells).

Hydrology and Flood Risk Assessment

HMR carries out assessment studies by application of multidimensional hydrodynamic, transport, and fate models to develop conceptual designs for flood control structures for developments with potential inundation risks.


QHSE Management Systems

HMR in the past 20 years has assisted various companies across sectors, in designing, documenting, implementing, monitoring and auditing Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS), and other relevant management systems.

GHG Inventory

HMR’s GHG inventory reports are not only limited to regulatory requirements but also provide valuable insights into operational performance using global benchmarking. Our GHG reports are reliable and accurate estimates of the emissions.


HMR undertakes a comprehensive range of social assessments and surveys for clients using a “people centric approach and methodology” focusing on the social acceptability of projects, policies or planning initiatives. HMR’s Social Development Unit conducts social impact assessments in accordance with various international guidelines (such as the Equator Principles) set forth by institutions like the Asian Development Bank, IFC and The World Bank.

We also work with our clients to benchmark organizational performance and assist in reporting economic, environmental and social performance (based on GRI framework). HMR also assists organizations to develop strategies to achieve sustainability goals.


Industrial, commercial and regional developments invariably require some form of environmental approval to proceed. HMR has extensive experience in developing the necessary environmental management plans to ensure the appropriate level of environmental management and compliance during construction and operation phases of both green-field and brown-field developments.

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